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No so pretty much for the rest of Dec. My new theory is winter is gonna be like summer. Summer didn't realy happen until the last week of June. March, april, may, june was pretty much cold rainly and shitty.

I have a feeling sometime in Mid jan shits just gonna come and not stop.


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this sucks our yearly trip is kapoot! Supposed to leave tomorrow and its not gonna happen GRRRR!!!

Troy S

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I'm almost happy I didn't get to buy the sled I wanted.

On a positive note I already replaced the gun I sold to buy that sled.

So at least I'm not sitting with something useless in the garage.


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I am glad we don't have snow, not because I don't like it but this would be the second winter I couldn't go out and have fun.


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Snow is comming so Troy is out for this year I see and all the rest will be bummin when it does finnally snow. I'll just go on a few road trips w the money I save on gas and oil out west or the UP