What Mustangs Have You Owned?

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I have an 07 gt convertable that i bought new, not alot of work done to it. Just a nice car to cruis around in.


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I have never owned a Ford Mustang but my dad did though. When he was in high school he had a 1964 1/2 Mustang 289 with the four speed on the floor.:thumbsup:


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1999 mustang gt POS it was automatic that I traded a 2001 ford ranger to get it. wrecked in the rain showing off for a few friends. Afew later decided I needed another mustang and got 1997 roller for 300 bucks and got 5.0 block with gt4o p heads and a gt40 upper and lower intake to go wqith it and a t5 trannty but ran out of money so it is still a project at this point.


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What's your take on the new 5.0s? I hated the stock Pirelli's, especially on Memphis roads. Quick car though, planning on putting a Vortech on mine soon.


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I've only owned one; it was an 01 GT with the automatic trans. It was a fun car. All I really ever did to mine was throw on a conical air filter / intake and ran a canned tune via Diablosport Predator. Some of you have owned more Mustangs than I have Thunderbirds lol. Sad to say I've actually done more with my Thunderbird than I did my Mustang.......normally you'd think it would be the other way around.


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ive got a 99...only one ive ever owned.

looking to sell it cause the wife says i have too many cars...after picking up my latest dd.
Your wife actually seems pretty cool with your hobby. Definitely makes it easier. Mine has absolutely zero interest in my hobby but is supportive of the fact that I enjoy it, which so far has worked in my favor. She never wants to drive any of my cars, and hasn't even been in my MR2 (believe me I've tried to get her to take a ride). I guess the whole claustrophobia thing comes into play with that. :(


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in no certain order..84gt..2-91lx's...88vert..2-98gt's...2000gt...and a 02gt. The wife has had a 98..03.. and now her 2010 gt which all her models were sticks, she won't own anything else lol

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My first car was a 1970 Mustang Mach 1, I can't find a pic at the moment, I totaled it like the second or third time I drove it. And I had a 1976 Mustang Cobra 2 project a few years back. Now I have a 1992 Mercury Cougar.



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Still have this cute little bugger (the silver one, the red '06 is a friend's). Just need to get it ready for its twentieth car show (Roddin' On The River, 9/25-28 at the Riverside in Laughlin).