What Mustangs Have You Owned?


1st and only Mustang I owned was a silver 2003 Cobra Coupe. Pretty much stock, except for a K&N FIPK, a catted x-pipe and magnaflow cat back exhaust.


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My first Mustang was a 91 that we got for $500...rode the hell out of that car up to Jr. yr in . Got most of my tickets with it too but the engine started failing after 3 years though

Looked something like this but 5.0 body



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Okay so I don't have a mustang ... yet

But seriously I was looking at a 80 notch v8 for 700 dollers.

Dose anyone hear know what Ghia is is hase white lether race seats
trim black hood and wing and a little badge that has the Ghia shield by the right tail light oh and a 1200 doller msd ignition system .

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I see a couple termi's on this page. They look good. My mineral grey 03 is is all apart, but at least I have the fox to have fun in.


Only mustang I've ever owned is my current 04 SY Cobra. Has a few mods putting it at 500+hp depending on tunes..plan in the future to yank the motor and transmission and throw a tedsid race block in, tremec600 tranny and twin turbos. Hoping to make 1300+hp, pretty stoked. Car is a garage queen and rarely gets pulled out, too much unwanted attention. Been a fun 4 years in the car and hope to see many more in it.



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let me guess your Cobra slithered into the eyes of the local county mounties and they eye ball it with jealousy because they can only dream of having something as fast?

just joking LOL!! love the car looks clean, not into the bright firey yellow but I would still drive it if I had to :)

anyways for you stang fans, I found a local stang for $3,800 thats about to head to the chopping block (old classic too) that im trying to save hehe...just figured you guys might like to know...gonna see if i can add it to the stable as well ;) but sadly money is the issue...
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I used to own a 2003 GT with a P.P. heads, cams, full exhaust intake, tremec T56, Eaton posi, etc...miss this car. But on the brighter side I ordered a 2012 GT with 3.73 & brembo pack. from Ford 2 weeks ago (E.T.A. 2-4 weeks). So exited, pics to come...


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03 Cobra Vert (Not mine exactly but I drove it more than the owner did)

68 Mustang GT, currently restoring.