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Love It

I downloaded a Pic of the Monster Drift Camaro with [RKC] on the mirrors and a RiceKiller.com logo and the term "ricer", "rice burner" etc runs around here often. And its true, its not so much that its Integra's or type r's or civics and si's, but it how dumb the drivers act. always gunning it, always trying to bark tires on every turn. It gets annoying... I googled the "ricekiller.com" and found this. I love it.

I am apart of a group of cousins and buds car club sorta. im only 19, but everyone else is in there mid to late 20's and early 30's.
I have a 2001 camaro Z28 6-speed currently with SLP air lid and Flowmaster exhaust , 3.73 rear end and a good tune. next week I'm putting on Hooker full length competition headers, Off road sick Y pipe, MSD wires and E3 plugs. its not much but i dont wanna dump thousands in it when i can spend a few hundred and just open up natural HP an TQ.

My first car was a 1994 BMW 325i 5-speed Inline 6: K&N cold air, E3 plugs, Race coils, Remex Exhaust. it was very quick for what it was, black with Z3 alloy wheels. my older cousin called and told me he has a friend of his he'd like me to meet and see his car and go for a ride. He showed up with a '95 camaro Z28 with abunch of aftermarket mods and it was very fast and had an extreme amount of TQ. Hooker exhaust, slp intake, heads, injection, you name it. He pulled outta my neighborhood sideways and since that day i told him i would have his car. 2 years later, i got a great job and called him up to offer him cash. he said it was in pieces in his backyard.. i told him i dont care and id do what it took to fix it, it needed to have the motor rebuilt and before it wouldnt run because of soon to find out, Sending unit/fuel pump and ECU. It took me and my dad 3 months to rebuild it. but the day it crunk up was a day i will always remember...trial and error, goin to dealerships, parts parts and parts and it all paid off.. doing that changed my perspective on owning, driving, and other peoples rebuild stories. i buy an paid with my own money, no parents paying any money, just love and support.
It didnt have A/C and i wanted a nicer condition car with t tops and manual 6 speed. finally found a black 2001 Camaro Z28 with 103,000miles. i got it for a great deal. I love chatting in forums and post with good folks. no haters, just respectable people.
i know my car isnt much but i treat it right, and mostly take it to the drag strip to race. I take drives with and meets with a 2008 Z06 twin turbo'd at 717hp, GTO with 600+, 00's model Trans am WS6 w/630hp to the wheels, 2004 C4 modded Vette, 1993 Viper GTS, then little LS1 me with a camaro. but i love every second of it and just meeting and talking and great stories...
we've had a few ricers come by reving engines and burning out and stupid stuff, while we just sit and look, then go back talking...

i would give anything to see RKC come to where i live in Perry, Georgia.
theres the Georgia National Fair grounds right in perry..off I-75...known would wide for events and everything. hopefully some day RKC and make a movement down here and host a big meet. theres clubs around here but its mostly snobby older guys with too much pride, or 16yr olds with side 4 imports who send bad reps to cops about late night meets and cruises.

Awesome to be here already!


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Glad to be part

I remember back in the day where we used to meet at the cicis parking lot in Plano then they banded the show and then keep moving to other locations but then I move to college now I'm back in town so want to keep up with the meets now that I'm older made more money and fix up my baby so I wanna show it up and the environment of RKC is just chill thanks guys

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New to ricekiller.com

[/IMG]I am a newbie. I am a drag racer that likes to race at the track and not on the street so this site is right up my alley. I have an 2009 Mustang GT.


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noob from braham mn

whats up everyone just joined to site and i must say it seems pretty legit like all the car pics, Im a subaru kinda person that also does some rallyX as well as being a board member for the LOL Region SCCA and a coordinator for the local rallyX events in the area.


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Hey justed loined up!!

hey ive heard a bunch about RKC meets and just wanted to finally join up. i have a 2012 scion xb mostly cometic upgrades. with some phantom 10's under the front seat. curious if theres any meets in the soon future.


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I'm a newbie

Hello every one my name is Jacob.. And I 'm here Because of all the ricers in my town give every one here a bad name. I'm here to help stop the madness.


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Excuse please honorable Mitsubishi-San though you are welcome to Ricer free zone of RKC please to note it is for noobies to post in Noobie forum not in honorable sticky.

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Sup...I love imports and domestic and I think arguing over one another is overrated every vehicle can be good in there own way no matter the make...Love to learn more about cars im kind of a beginner hopefully I can meet great people on this site to give me pointers


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New to this site. Im located in South California in the Inland Impire.

Hey my name is daniel, also called Junior. I Owen a 1991 acura integra that i am fixing up, it has a b20b non vtec, i would like to go out to meets but i dont know to many people in this hobby. i love fixing up cars getting my hands all gunked up.