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Unprecedented Mischievous
What the FUCk is your problem ... If you got somthing to say you need to bring it to my face ... got it fuck nuts ... :boid:


Banned from the interweb
i just thought it was funny to see you crying about Stevin saying Mason said something that you actually said. (That sounds confusing but it makes since in the other post.)

You even gave Stevin the :boid: for it. Thats when i determined you were an idiot. If it's too complicated for you to understand i can explain it to you in your face. It's not a problem for me. I'll be at the GTG monday, let me know if you need further explanation. :cool:

Slow Five-O

too quick
Serge thought it was funny that you wanted your credit taken for saying something first before anybody. as did i. it is no big deal. Dusty, you need to settle down a bit on the internet. It's like if anybody has something to say that is contradictory (or in this case the exact same) then you get all defensive about it. we're here to have a good time and chill out, so i suggest each of you do the same.

No biggie. :cool:

on a side note, Dusty you need to come back to town soon! i'm tired of woopin these guys at cut throat, and they've got some decent waitresses now. ask brian ;) :mrgreen:
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