Turbo or KB Blower?


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i am a dig racer. i like to do my racing at the strip. no roll races there. I have a 2 step! :thumbsup: building boost at the line and having the 6spd FTW.

Also 90% of the time i am not in the boost. just driving. so there is no additional stress on the motor. not sure why you think it was add stress to the motor.
I'm not saying the other Power Adders options aren't good, not one bit. Like I said, I'd love to Turbo my car however you just cant beat the bang for your buck power that a properly installed/tuned nitrous setup will provide.


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thats true enough. i was asking why you thought there would be added stress on the motor.
I suppose it's dependant on the driver's habits but even though there is no boost occuring, you're still running off of the drive assembly, thus it still being parasitic and causing stress on the engine.


now has a lighter version
You're obviously talking about superchargers with the whold running of drive assembly.


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ha yeah i know. i think just a little 75 shot would do nicely. a local guy ran in the 9.60's with my setup plus a 75 shot.