Tropi-Care Product sample offer just $5


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Here is your opportunity to try out several of our main detail products for a fraction of retail cost. This give you an opportunity to test and evaulate the samples as compared to your current products. With these 2 ounce sizes, you will have several opportunities to test them all.

For just $5 to cover packaging and mailing cost, you can Paypal to [email protected], we'll mail you 2 ounce samples of the following:

TC-3 Polish/Sealant xP-our polymer based product which can be applied to a clean, wax-free surface by hand or Porter Cable buffer. After removal, it leaves a crystal clear finish. If you haven't used this product in the last calendar year, you owe it to yourself to see how it compares to previous Tropi-Care versions or your current product.

TC-5 Detail Spray- used to remove light dust and dirt from the paint surface. Can be used right after washing and drying the vehicle. It leaves an anti-static finish resulting in less dust attraction.

TC-6 Car Wash Concentrate-several capfuls per 2 gallon bucket of water provide abundant soap suds and cleaning ability to safely clean the surface without removing your wax or sealant.

1-4" round blue Lake Country Mfg. foam polish applicator

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