Train Horn from

Capri XR2

I bought last night the Rocker 2 Gallon Horn Kit from I've always been into trains and loud horns. So I got one for my tiny Capri. Once, I install it I'll let you all know how it works by putting up a video. But here's someone else's demo video for now. Note* Headphone users may want to turn the volume down.

The kit includes:

  • 2 Black Finish Horns
  • Viair 2 Gallon (7.6 Liter) Air Tank
  • Viair 280C Compressor
  • Viair 110/145 PSI Pressure Switch
  • 175 PSI Safety Valve
  • Drain Cock
  • 10 ft of 5/16 in D.O.T. Approved Airline
  • 17 ft of 1/2 in D.O.T. Approved Airline
  • 18 ft of Frost-proof 12 Gauge Hookup Wire
  • 3/8 in NPT Electric Solenoid Valve
  • Brass NPT Fittings Kit
  • Wiring & Plumbing Kit
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Detailed Instructions
  • Max Honk Time: 10 to 14 seconds


Staff member
Whatever floats your boat but that shit should only be used on trains as far as I'm concerned.