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So, I have a free set of tires coming my way, and I need suggestions. The OEM Yokahama Advans are 245/40/18, rims are 18x8.5, and like $370 each. I can pick anything on Tirerack up to the same value. Keep in mind I DD my car, so they'll need to be able to shed water, not just dry road tires.

Kind of leaning towards the Continental Extreme Contacts. Your thoughts?


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Car and Driver comparo test said the Contis are a very good choice but Goodyear Eagle F1 GS D3 are even better. Finished first in all three wet tests and did very well in the dry, they rated them #1


As an all-around high-performance tire, you can't beat this Goodyear. It was the best performer in all three wet-track tests and was very competent in the dry. It generated 0.94 g on the dry skidpad, only 0.01 g off the first-place BFGoodrich and tied with the Yokohama and Hankook.
The Goodyear gripped so well that you might not have been certain the road was wet, and it lost traction in a gentle, predictable manner. It held onto the wet track with 0.82 g of stick, an impressive figure considering the worst tire in that test made only 0.67 g.
The Eagle F1 got a lot of favorable comments. In the wet, Geswein called it "direct"—a way of saying the tire provided clear signals about its contact with the pavement.
There were tires that performed better in the dry, but the Eagle wasn't far off. It was a little less precise than the BFG and Yokohama on a dry track, but not by much. And like the Continental, the Goodyear had a high 280 tread-wear grade. At $145 each, it's $34 cheaper than the most expensive tire here.
One thing to keep in mind about the imprints we carefully obtained is that a tire's contact patch changes dramatically as it is loaded, so these prints are not accurate representations of the amount of rubber that each tire puts on the road while cornering or braking.
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if ya can get 'em, i'd go with a Michelin Pilot Super Sport... ranked high in Automobile Magazine, and it comes as standard equipment on Ferraris, Porshes, Lamborghinis, and such... i think they're a great tire, but not from direct experience...


Bridgestone re-11, Yokohama advan ad08, michelin pilot sport 3, michelin pilot super sport.

I've driven on the Yokohama advan ad08's and the michelin pilot super sports.

The yokohamas have superior grip. The michelins have superior wet traction and are much more quiet

The Bridgestone re760 sport is also a decent tire. But not on the performance level of any of the above options but much better in rain