Thursday Night TxStVanWilder meet hosted by New Image Autosports

Skinny Will

this is ridiculous. hahaha
but you DO make a good point alan. i like a lot of the old school rkc guys, and getting them to come to the meet would be great. especially considering a lot of them old school guys HAVE been coming. but you know. the more the merrier? haha


Retired Asshole.
Out. tired of car not hooking so working on some small things.

Lazy crybaby. Your car would smoke 99% of the people who might attend this meet even spinning your ass off. Besides, you can just hang out, you don't have to race. :thumbsup:


Thumbs up, let's do this!
You can come punk out the kid in the brand new camaro (still has paper tags) racing and spraying people when he said he was bone stock :lol:

see ya there SLOBRA