Skinny Will

Whats up guys! we have another awesome week of the Thursday night dart meet coming up!
this is a fun meet, not too big, not too small. usually 80-100 cars or so. There's a good balance of quantity and quality with this meet, and i know that i have an awesome time every week.

This is NOT an RKC event, DI event, event (lolz), crl event, or anything of that sort. It is privately held and privately organized by Me and Craig.

The meet is at 75 and George Bush at the dart station under George Bush right behind Fry's Electronics. Need directions from HWY 75? Exit plano pkway and take it east, take a right at the first light and take the street down until you see a street on your left that goes under 190 (george bush). take that street down until you're under the highway and its the parking lot on your right. here's a screenshot. lol

Warning: it is UNDER george bush. do not park on george bush thinking thats where the car meet is. you could get really hurt.

There will be FREE NOS ENERGY DRINKS handed out by the guys from NOS Energy.
[if you're not into NOS energy drinks, that's fine. Brian Harris From DFW Charity Racing League will be out there selling snacks and other drinks. all proceeds will be going to charity. if you would like to know more about dfw CRL, feel free to join up and visit their website. my name on there is, you guessed it, skinny will. these are a cool bunch of guys that will be selling snacks and drinks FOR ONLY $.50!!! LIKE HOLY SHIT THATS CHEAP!] <---Pending, but still a possibility.

And also, Shane from Xtreme HID Solutions will be there with a booth set up presenting and selling his awesome HID's. So check it out, ask him questions, and buy shit from him. lol

AND DONT WORRY! We have permission from NTTA and DART. Its a very well lit parking lot, easy to get to, noise isnt an issue for us since we're under the highway, and there's more then enough parking spots.

and now the part that makes me look like an ass hole
-No burning out
-No revving
-No ridiculously loud music
-No littering, there will be trash bags sitting by the NOS truck, so throw your trash in there
-When leaving the meet, dont be obnoxious and squeal out and go WOT. all that does is bring unwanted attention to the spot.
-No alcoholic beverages! sorry, i would love to drink at my meet too, but i can't. i could get screwed if im holding a public event and people are drinking.

now when it comes to the rules: If i come up to you asking you to not do something, please dont get offended. I really like this meet and these rules are designed to make the meet last, so im gonna try and do what i can to make sure it does.

Meet Starts at 8 o'clock and goes until around 11 ish. we're not gonna be too strict about people having to leave at a certain time. late crew stays usually pretty late.

Invite whoever you want, come with a big group, we dont care! Cars, trucks, bikes, whatever. The meets have been a success so far so lets keep it coming!

I hope to see you guys out there, should be a pretty good time as usual. Feel free to come up and meet me. i'll be the tall skinny guy with a beige Texas Tech hat on. im usually pretty approachable and i'll be regularly scanning the parking lot throughout the meet. :thumbsup:

-Skinny Will

Skinny Will

:lol: and the infamous Conquest at 2:01. Someone needs to learn how to hold a camera/cellphone steady
lol its a phone.
but that video reminded me that i like the parking lot that we're in now better
it was really spread out in that lot so i like the one we're at now.


Ill make it for the first time... I just couldn't take anymore of the sonic meet... Will that new spot is pimp bro! I'm lookin forward to making it out and chillin wit everyone...


I might be able to make it there for a short stay with my baby R8. really haven't been any local car meet for good many years. still enjoyed last night meet