The Indiana ChIllaxin Thread


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Just thought id make more of a lobby style thread for everybody. Just to shoot the shit and such.

So whats everybody been up too?

Im pumped for saturday, get to take pics at a detroit scca rallyx. Should be absolutley sick :D


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well i got a bullshit ticket just north of terra haute tonight. i had my cruise set at 65 and a statey clocked the car in front of me at 72. guess who got the ticket?


Found this book at Barnes and Noble... I know people like LS-swappin' motors, but this is ridiculous. LoL



I like how the BS Thread gets less BS posting than the other threads do. LoL

You can tell FtW doesn't give a shit about staying on topic; but that's cool 'cause were a bunch of rebels anyways. :lol: