Street Wars 7 - 04/17 Pomona, NJ


mNJ. 04 SRT/94 Ranger v6
you will. i know i will be there tuned or not lol were going to be rolling real deep down the whitehorse pike or ac expressway


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I'll be printing fliers this week. I should have them for you at the Thursday meet for you to hand out at Street Wars!

It's going to be big, but ill be at honda day with my Fit.


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I'll probably be at street wars depending on if any of my friends are going... I'm not sure if Justin is going, and I don't know if Chris has off of work. If I'm going, I'll be sure to pick some flyers up!
um well now there calling for low 60s on sunday and possibly rain. ill be going to street wars not honda day. and cigg if u wana meet me like sunday morning and give me a stack of fliers ill be glad to hand them out for ya.


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Ok mark. You should come to the Thursday meet to but there will def be a lot of fliers ready for Sunday. If we can't meet up you can get some at the show from Black Thunder to pass out.

Thanks for the offer!