stoner glass cleaner!


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Today I tried out the stoner glass cleaner and it works really well! I usually use rubbing alcohol,but no more. Buy it use it like it.


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Okay maybe I'm missing the point but I'm fairly sure he's talking about cleaning a certian type of Pyrex.


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I use Rain X windows cleaner. Make's the windows/windshields clean and clear and at the same time applies a coat of Rain X which causes more beading to rain as it hits the windshield while I'm driving.

Good stuff.


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hrm... I need a good glass cleaner to get a lot of the oily crap off my windshield, windex just isn't cutting it


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I like Stoners, but if you insist on using Windex, make sure it doesn't contain Ammonia as it will eventually ruin tint and fade any plastic it comes in contact with...


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<<<< another stoner's invisable glass user and I'll swear by it day in and day out especially sence I smoke in my truck. Spray it down wait a few seconds wipe it down with a clean rag then repeat with anther rag to remove any possible left over area's, repeat twice for extremly dirty windows and that's it. Also it works good on the "Frosting" of headlights if you let it soak in for a bit it makes quite a difference.