stereo installation questions (2000 Saturn SL1)


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so i am trying to install a stereo in my wife's Saturn, the used car dealership butchered the stock wiring installing a stereo from an older Saturn SL, and i have been trying to install a JVC KD-S79BT single din unit for nearly two weeks now...

i have all the power leads run and working fine(it powers on, keeps memory, and the backlighting dims when i turn the dash dimming knob) but i am running into an issue with the speaker leads... i wired them up in accordance with the stock radio diagram, matching speaker, and pos/neg leads on all four speakers...

the unit keeps displaying the message, "MISWIRING, CHECK WIRING AND RESET UNIT", which in the supplied troubleshooting guide means that the speaker leads are not properly done... they are well insulated with electrical tape, and they are wired well but not soldered(i can't make myself do it when it could still be wrong and then i would have a permanent connection) but on every other stereo i've ever worked on, this was fine and you could solder the connections after you verified that it all worked... this is how i've installed about half a dozen systems in various vehicles... but i'm pulling my hair out on this one guys...:angry:

any advice?

P.S. ive already exchanged the unit for another identical model, i don't believe the unit to be the problem


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Ok. Take a 9 volt battery and disconnect all speaker leads. Touch speaker leads aka green/ green black strip to battery and listen to hear what speaker pops. then hook up to the radio. continue till all speakers are done.