Sooo, I see you all like Mustangs!


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So, I started my headliner project. Here is the result of day 1:
I pulled all the pillars.

I vinyl-wrapped them with 3M 1080 black brushed-metal

Added a piece of clear door trim to help protect the vinyl-wrap from tearing on the seatbelt

Well, I ran into a few problems. The grab handles were destroyed when I removed them(every damn clip broke). The interior panels over the small back windows would only come out if I disassembled the rear seatbelts, so after fighting with the grab handles, I didn't bother trying to remove those panels. I slid the headliner out the back, but those rear panels were fighting me every step of the way.

Once I got it out, I had to remove the old fabric and foam from the board. That was a pain in the ass to do. The board was so thin that I thought I was going to destroy it while I was peeling off the fabric, thankfully it didn't. Once that was off, it took me another 4 hours to scrub off all the foam so the glue would have a clean surface, I used a couple green scratch pads to do that, there might have been a better way but I couldn't find one. After the foam was off and I was left with a paper-thin board, I began wrapping it like I do with vinyl. I started spraying a liberal coat of headliner glue(it came with the new headliner) in the largest and deepest area first(the rear section). Once I put the fabric on top of it, it immediately stuck and I couldn't move it to re-position it in any way, luckily I didn't need to move it. Well I wish I could have had a little bit of play with it because there are a few imperfections in it, but it still came out great. I might have sprayed too much glue because I ran out 3/4 the way done. So I ran to Home Depot to get a can of 3M #77 spray adhesive, I wish I would have started with that because it was easier to work with. After it was done, I let it dry for a day before I cut it off of the cardboard I had laid it on, yes the overlap had glued itself to the cardboard. I am glad that I had went dumpster diving for some extra large boxes to protect my shitty carpet in my house. I then cut out the holes for the lights, sunroof, etc. I went through 5 razor blades doing that, the damn suede dulled the blades real quick!

Now it was time to re-install it. I had to fight to get it back in the hatch because of the rear trim, I got it in far enough so I could open the rear doors and start to pull, I kept going back and forth between the d/s and p/s rear doors, pulling it in a few inches at a time. When it was finally in, I put it up over the rear first, since the trim was still in. Then I popped in the 2 plastic buttons in the rear. I moved up to the front to secure it with the visors. I started with the visor clips close to the domelight so that way I could still bend the headliner down to look where the screw goes. Once I got those on, the domelight and all the rest of the trim went back on easy, until it came time to put the trim ring around the sunroof. The new material was thicker than the old so I put the ring around the headliner first, then started at a corner to secure it to the metal ring as well. I had to push hard, rally hard and the more I would work my way around the ring, the more it would pop back off in areas I had just done, but I kept working it around until it finally sat secure.

Headliner removal took about 1 1/2 hours.

Headliner clean-up took about 5 hours

Headliner wrap took about 2 hours (because of a run to the store for more glue)

Headliner dry 24 hours

Trim vinyl wrap took about 1 hour

Headliner re-install took about 1 1/2 hours because I didn't have to worry about re-installing the grab handles.

Total time spent was about 3 days.

Here is where I added the European lights where the U.S. models had no lights:

A close up of the Euro sunvisors - they are different than the U.S. ones because the U.S. ones would have got in the way of the Euro lights. I also had them wrapped in black leather with blue stitching to match the seats:

One more thing, I kept changing my instrument panel until I finally found the setup that I like the best.

^That's when I had just swapped the lights and scraped the green off the back of the panel:

Now I still wasn't happy with it, so I swapped face for a one and added new SMD 194 led bulbs to it along with a new set of needles:

I thought the needles were cool, but they didn't go with the color scheme, so I swapped them yet again:

^Now those needles are white during the day, so they really tie everything together. Now, I might open the cluster one more time to sand off the green on the LCD screen and light it up blue.
So, moving forward with making changes, I just bought the fifteen52 Tarmacs off of this ride!!!

You can see the blog that I Love Driving Slow (ILDS) did on his car here:

Now I prefer the form>function look myself, especially with a Focus. Now these wheels are very heavy wheels, almost 30lb each, so if you do a lot of Auto-x or drag, these wheels are not for you! These wheels certainly serve a purpose at being damn sexy!



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Some other random pics:

And some new lights, I am thinking of installing these under the doors, so when you open the door, the Ford logo will be shining on the ground

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mustangs suck, seriously. even ole carroll said they were just a secretary's car from the start lol. but there have been some cool versions.


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mustangs suck, seriously. even ole carroll said they were just a secretary's car from the start lol. but there have been some cool versions.
You must not have been around the newer ones. Ford really stepped up their game the last 3 years. I would love to see a secretary drive a GT. Plenty of YouTube videos and stories out there of girlfriends wrecking the boyfriend's GT. 400 HP isn't something you just play around with.

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oh the new 11-up gt's are nice, but I really like the LS boss's I just see the gt's every damn day, I mean its like a peanutbutter sandwich you can buy and instant 12's. no one gives a shit unless you are running low 11's in one. my last mustang I sold for 3 grand and did every bit of that and more on the dragstrip and it cost less than 5g's to build including 200bux for the car at a JY. now it wouldn't stop and handle like a new gt but I don't think that's worth 25grand more to a pony car driver either. id rather have my old car, a used f150 and a fiesta to daily around in and get 40mpg for the same price they want for a new gt. just the way I feel about them.