Sooo, I see you all like Mustangs!


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Sorry to dissapoint! :lmao:



Completed Mods

-Injen SRI
-Magnaflow exhaust
-SVT snorkel
-Focus Sport plug wires
-Tom's tune

-KYB-AGX adjustable Dampers
-Megan Racing 2" lowering springs
-Massive Endlinks
-Steeda Strut Tower Brace
-Focus Sport Rear stress bar
-ST200's wrapped in Falken snow tires lol

-Pioneer DEH-P7400HD head unit
-6x8 Alpines all-around
-Alpine 4-channel amp
-Alpine 500w mono amp
-Rockford Fosgate Punch 8" slim sub

-SVT seats with blue inserts
-SVT door cards with blue inserts
-SVT steering wheel
-SVT e-brake
-SVT HVAC controls
-SVT sub enclosure
-SVT vents (they are grey instead of black)
-Ford Edge shift knob
-Kuda phone mount
-Ebay HVAC knobs
-Blue LED interior conversion
-Metal Monkey instrument faceplate
-Carbon fiber instrument cluster surround

-98 Euro front bumper
-Rieger lip
-98 Euro lower grille
-Euro RS collection rear bumper cover
-Holfele grille
-SVT sideskirts
-SVT spoiler
-SVT doorhandles
-SVT mirrors
-Euro plate
-Ford edge rear wiper
-Redline tuning fuel door
-Kona Rack
-Carbon fiber eyelids
-ST170's covered clear Lamin-X
-Euro taillights covered by smoked Lamin-X
-Smoked euro bumper lights
-Euro glass fogs with Hella yellow H1 bulbs
-Euro clear sidemarkers

Engine Dress-up
-Custom shaved Contour VC painted wrinkle black with Massive install kit
-Massive Billet oil cap
-SVT Degas cover

-Silver-tinted 3rd brake light with black "Loading..." decal
-DiY shorty antenna
-30% tint
-AVS ventshades
-"Superbright LED's" license plate bulbs
-Di-noc wrapped lots of things

Planned Mods:
-Morimoto retrofit ST170's
-Ceramic coat SVT header & ORP, install
-FSWERKS stealth exhaust
-Install power steering re-locate line Ordered 01-01-13 Received 01-22-13
-Install early Zetec intake manifold Received 02-01-13
-Install Ignalls stiffy mount
-Install C-F-M poly dogbone mount
-Install FSwerks lower front stress bar purchased 02-08-13 Received 02-13-13
-Install Focus Central TB Purchased 02-18-13 Received 02-22-13
-Swap Steeda plug cover for Roush plug cover! Purchased 02-18-13 Received 02-22-13

Parts on order:
-ATS type 10's purchased 12-26-12

What you you all think?


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I have a Mustang, but I like all Fords in general. Your car looks good. Like the engine compartment mods.


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Looks good. If your gonna be slow you might as well have style.

You got that right! All the time and $ I have spent on appearance, making sure that no detail was overlooked, I could have been boosted by now lol

I am starting to do more go-fast mods now to make it more fun to drive :)


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oan I thought that you guys should know, I have had my own phase of ricer stupidity lol

I thought it would be great to mount a fire extingusher to the a-pillar #smh #facepalm. It's been re-loacted to the trunk. Anyway, I am sure that you can see all the rest of the glorious ricer stupidity lol

Here it is brand new, well 2 weeks old:

^That was 10 years ago, when I thought stickers were a part of modding your car lol

Oh, I have learned a great deal over the years. Nothing beats a clean OEM+ car!


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Looks clean. Only question is why the fire extinguisher? In a stock car I find it over kill... (now a guy whose stock car burnt down will chime in and say it's never over kill.)


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Good question, when I was 8, my mom was taking me to school in her International Scout - see where this is going. Somewhere along the way, all we could see was smoke. She pulled over and we got out and watched it burn. My dad had to replace all the electrical wiring and a few other things, he also had to re-paint the hood. He painted the hood wrinkle black probably to keep the repair cost down. Anyway that's why I have a fire extinguisher and I also loved the wrinkle paint so, I took a Contour valve cover, shaved it smooth and painted it wrinkle black.


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need to see some with the new wheels!
I decided to use that money elsewhere, they will always be my dream wheels and when the seller puts them back on the market - maybe I'll buy them then.

Here is what they look like on a Focus
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Hella Dynabeam time!!!!!

AFS Module:

Extra wiring I had to do to the VW harness:


First bath with new Dynabeams!

Close-up of Celis Strip on(hard to tell, it's an LED)

Blinker on:



I can't wait for tonight to see how they work!!!


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Lemme know how you like the Dynabeams.

btw, 2 many doors. Chop it down.
They are just plain badass lights. They move with your car and keep the light on the road through the turns. They also do a self-calibration check every time you turn them on (they move back and forth then back to center). It's awesome to watch your lights dance every time you turn them on! The light output is remarkable for a halogen lamp, just not as good as OEM HID's, they also have a nice sharp cutoff line.

The only downside is the light output is nowhere near Mach HID's. With the additional work SVT3658 (FocalJet forum member) has done, it has been determined that you can achieve close to Mach HID output, with an aftermarket HID kit.

I have just the right amount of doors!:cool: