So I bought a Jeep


Doing 100
Jeep with JUNK suspensions ride bad, skyjacker, procomp, rough country, rancho......all bargain junk. I build a xj with a full OME kit, c-rok steering brace, complete axle rebuild front and rear with 4.10s, 32" duratracs. This jeep rides very similar to a newer pickup. If you want to check it out, he brings it over once every now and then for general upkeep.
Hit me up next time he brings it over. I'll be bringing mine over to you soon, just to get it looked over. There are a few small things wrong with it that I've already told you about, but I'd be interested to see what that other XJ rides like.

As you know mine came with this skyjacker kit and I'm not against changing it. Whether going to another cheap kit with a bit more lift or going to a nice kit like the one you're talking about, I'm open to whatever.

After doing some wheeling in Jacksboro yesterday and the day before, I think I'm going to keep it for the long haul and make it more of an off-road toy. I plan to take it slow though for now, I'd like to get some miles on it before we tear it down and build it back up (and I dump a ton of money into it lol).


So far, I like it.

97 Jeep Cherokee 4x4. 4.0L Straight Six, 4 Spd Auto. Has 76,209 original miles, and everything works on it. My first Jeep, but not my first 4x4. It already has some type of small lift (maybe 2", it's Skyjacker) and some brand new BFG A/T tires. Got a ridiculously good deal on it, and couldn't pass it up.

Going to keep it pretty clean and basic. It will be babied for the most part, unless I decide to make it a toy and get stupid with it.
Not bad! :thumbsup: