RKC - The Next Generation - (Site Upgrades and Changes)



RKC Members,

I want to say thank you to all of you for being here on the forums. In late 2012, forums are on a industry wide "down trend" as social media continues to take the place of users time on the internet. While we recognize the importance of social media, and maintain a large and active facebook presence, the forums are the foundation for RKC as a whole, and for too long have been ignored.

Starting last week, we have put in place a plan to modernize the forums which is already in effect.

Step 1 - Update Tapatalk, the popular mobile app people use to browse the RKC forums on a phone.

Step 2 - Remove malware issue. This issue was killing our new user registrations, guest traffic, and google traffic. This issue has finally been resolved.

Step 3 - Move RKC to a all new dedicated Server. This is a big one, we have never had a totally dedicated server before, but the sites traffic and database size deem it needed. It is nearly a 400% increase in cost per month to do this, but the decision has been made and it is underway.

Step 4 - Update to modern VB 4.0+ software versions. The VB you are on now here on RKC is years old.... an antique. Large, modern forums like ls1tech, corvette forums, 6speedonline and many others all run cutting edge, totally modern versions of VB. Soon, so will we. This version will include a host of new features including facebook connect, the ability to register a new account on the forums that is approved in less than 10 seconds. This will vastly increase our member base, thread count, post count, and overall forum activity. Hazing of stupid noobs welcomed. :)

Step 5 - Streamline RKC store, update products, increase size/color choice/avability. Both at events and online, soon there will be more RKC gear to get ahold of if that is what you want.

Step 6 - The RKC App Upgrades. We are working with Klutch22 to update the RKC app to have much requested features like being able to add a meet to the app from the app, tag a meet to the app as you stumble across it, direct message other users, stealth mode, friends lists, and much more. We hope to keep the cost of the app totally free.

Step 7 - Streamline forums - The forums are far too large now, many of them collecting dust. We will be reducing/condensing the forums to have less levels, be easier to navigate for users, and contain active content and not dusty relics.

We hope to have all of these changes done no later than year end, with a majority of them being done in the next 10-40 days. :) Thanks.