RKC Forum Speed DRASTICALLY increased!




Thanks to hard work from Dan Horn and new tech admin Shawn (SuperCobalt) the forums are now up to 3X faster.

You will notice the difference when refreshing pages, posting threads, or making comments. Its near instantaneous.

I would like to thank Dan and Shawn for their hard work in what is the first of many planned online improvements to RKC. :)

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Is this for mobile users as well? Seems like its the same speed, but maybe because I'm posting from an iPhone?

Either way that's good news. Nice job guys


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For mobile users if your not using tapatalk, The tapatalk app doesnt really get much faster its fast already. but for mobile browsing it may be faster.
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It was slowing the server down a lot, if a lot of people liked it, it will come back with the new update of the forums.

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Where's the arcade...
The arcade really wasn't being used that much, but it was hogging a majority of the resources on the server. Like Shawn said we could bring it back if the demand is there with an upcoming server update but for the time being you'll have to get your game fix on miniclip.com.