River Run July 30th

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Scroungers Car Club mini haul through Ohio & Kentucky's river roads. We will meet at UDF in Wilder Ky next to I-275 and leave @ 3:00. We will cruise over into Ohio and travel the scenic, historical river road. We will cross the Augusta Ferry into Ky and stop to eat before heading back down the river on the Ky side.
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I made my way over there tonight to find a meeting spot for people coming from the north.
This is our route: Ky guys and anyone that is coming from south of the Ohio River will meet at UDF next to I-275.

Cars should be gassed up and ready to leave at 3:00 from this UDF
Address: UDF #160
1135 Steffen Lane
Wilder, Kentucky 41076

We will leave UDF at 3:00 and head east on I-275 and across the Ohio River. We will be taking the first Ohio exit. Kellogg Ave, Exit 72. We will go east(RIGHT) off the exit. We will pass Coney Island and River Bend before stopping to pick up the Ohio guys. The Ohio guys meeting spot is AJ's Road House. It's on the right. If you pass a Marathon Gas Station you went too far.

We should be pulling in around 3:30 at this address. Please be gassed up and ready to roll before we get there. There is a gas station across and up the street a few 100 feet.
Address: AJ'S Roadhouse
6735 Kellogg Road
Cincinnati, OH 45230

Ky guys will roll into the parking lot and this will be our first stop. We will meet up and say hello to whoever shows up before heading on down the river. The next stop will be played buy ear. If we see something cool we will stop. If we don't we will go on towards Higginsport to the ferry to Augusta, Ky. Don't eat before the trip or while you are waiting for everyone. We will stop in Augusta for some pizza.

Map Quest the address or put them in your GPS. We have had trouble before trying to get everyone on the same page. Fact is with the amount of cars that go on these runs we can't keep track of everyone. If you get a red light or if someone stops for a rest room break the cars to the front will not see you. When you turn off the cars behind you will follow you. Do your best to catch back up when you are done. We will not be breaking any speed records. If you get left behind we will not be hard to catch up to. We are not taking any side roads. Follow the river and you will see us. Cross the Ferry into Augusta and we will be there before heading back down the Ky side of the river on Rt 8. End of the cruise is in Silver Grove, Ky at the Dari Bar. You can't miss it.
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No one from Ricekillers showed? You guys missed a great run!

I'll try to post a few pics of the run when I get time.

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Looked like a good time. If you guys had trouble on Rt8 I would have been screwed.
We had a blast but some of Rt. 8 was really tough. Next year we are taking 52 to the ferry, cross the Ohio River and hit Rt 8 and keep going. Cross back over to 52 on the bridge in Mayville and head to WV. Eat there and then head back to Ky and follow AA Highway all the way back down. It would be an all day run with stops in between to check out the sites. It should be a good time.

Some of the guys are talking about running up to Detroit in 14 day to the Woodward Dream Cruise. I'm not sure if I'll make it this run but it should be a great time. Long haul with the price of gas. My Firebird is lucky to get 8 MPG :(. I'm just playing it by ear. If more than 5 of the guys goes then I will too.