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The app only shows users who actually have the app out and open at the time you are looking. Therefore, high chances of no other cars using it while you are on. The solution, encourage your friends to use it, use it on trips or cruises, or spread the word about the app. The more users: the better.


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I put the Ricekiller.com app on my Driod X phone. Whenever I tried to log in it kept telling me incorrect passoword or user name.:brow:

Brad_G 350z

So I set up my account for this app on my computer. I can log in on my phone just fine but its still telling me I need to finish my account on the website but every time I try to go to the site (either on my phone or my computer) it automatically goes to this url "http://www.klutch22.com/profile/create-ride" but all it shows is a white page and I can't progress from there. Not to sure what to do from this point. Any help would be great.