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Hello RKC!

We have been out to the Monday Night Meets for the last several months since we become a sponsor. We have not been up to speed here on the forums, but that has now been taken care of!

We are here to help!

We know all to well the concerns and fear of dealing with a car dealership and the typical "games" they play with customers. We are here to give you an honest deal, a great price, and 100% customer satisfaction. :)

We can help you with the following:

-New Car Sales (Nissan)
-Pre-Owned Sales (All Makes & Models)
-Nissan OEM Parts
-Nissan Certified Service
-Paint, Body & Collision

We would be happy to give you a quote on anything you need. You can PM us here, email, call, or come by the dealership. Again, we are here to help.

PLEASE MENTION that you are from RKC when dealing with any pricing so we can get you taken care of, Jared has arranged for all RKC members to get employee pricing on new cars and a deep discount on parts.


-Trophy Nissan