Re-rx7's new ride yet again....


Sweet purchase! Got to drive one at a hankook tire ride an drive(though it was auto)

And I never put together the screen name and person until now


Cuban Carlos
great buy man! this one looks like a keeper
It will be. No choice. lol
Very nice, congrats on the car! I really like what I've seen with them so far.
Yea im pretty excited. PArts are still cheap compared to imports.

Once you get it in your blood you' ll be hooked for life.
Most likely it seems.
Good move... def the sct & 3.73s. Throw in a steeda tri-ax & of course a c.a.i. Someone recommended a panhard & slicks, i agree. its crazy how these cars react to bolt ons, great fun.
I know. Ive seen and read good things.
I like it!
Thank you.