PS2, Dreamcast games coming to Playstation Network?

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What we heard: Rumor geysers are an elusive lot, making their eruptions all the more special. Today, perhaps the biggest of the year thus far made its presence known, when alleged minutes from a meeting between Sony Computer Entertainment America and Sega found their way online.

First spotted by French site Objectif-Sega, the information purportedly comes from Sega of America's press site, where it was ostensibly inadvertently uploaded. Before being removed from Objectif-Sega, the purportedly leaked info was reprinted on the NeoGAF message boards. The document notes that the meeting took place on August 5, meaning some of the purported information has already come to pass.

According to the minutes, the meeting began with Sony stating that a "big announcement" would occur during the back half of the year, one that has since revealed itself to be Sony's introduction of the PlayStation 3 Slim and concomitant $100 price cut. Interestingly, Sony then purportedly narrowed down the spring 2010 launch date of its new motion controller, saying it is expected to launch in Japan in March.

The alleged meeting then shifted to software, with perhaps the most notable reveal being that Sony intends to sell all PlayStation 2 titles through the PlayStation Network. There was apparently some discussion about bringing Dreamcast games to the PSN, with the minutes note stating, "If we provide a list of DC titles, SCEA will let us know which ones they're interested in having exclusively. If we give them a long period of exclusivity, they'll give us more marketing support."

A few other tidbits of information were contained in the document. Namely, Sega apparently intends to launch its latest PlatinumGames collaboration Bayonetta on January 5, with a possible demo coming sometime around Christmas. On the topic of Amusement Vision's gangster-themed action adventure Yakuza, the minutes mention that Japanese releases could be added to the PSN under "a special Japanese Import section," with price points ranging from $9.99 to $39.99.

Sega also allegedly floated the idea of issuing a Sonic Anniversary collection, which would see all previously released Sonic games being compiled on one Blu-ray Disc for "around $99."

The official story: Neither Sega nor Sony had responded to requests for comment as of press time.

Bogus or not bogus?: The document itself has an air of authenticity to it, if only because of its stuffy, corporate annotations. Further, the information contained in the document all seems entirely plausible, and in some cases, has already come to pass. Looking not bogus.;title;4

That would be awesome


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Hmm, if this happened and they brought out Shenmue on PS3 I could finally get rid of my Dreamcast (I still like the DC controller better than some of the new systems' though).

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Hmm, if this happened and they brought out Shenmue on PS3 I could finally get rid of my Dreamcast (I still like the DC controller better than some of the new systems' though).
Dreamcast did have some good titles.. Yea the Dreamcast controller was unique.. I miss tokyo racer on it :)


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always had a soft spot for jet set radio, ..., basically coz of the graphics
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Yea.. I have Tokyo extreme racer 0 and 3 for the PS2.
As well as tokyo drift 2

And of course Street supremacy for the PSP which is tokyo racer for the psp.

That one of my favorite game series next to GTA, Gran Turismo, and Ridge Racer. You got good taste!