project resurrecXion


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Since there's no snow, I decided to take on a project. I posted my 98 XC 600 on craigslist to hopefully pay for it (PM if interested). Bought a 01 Pro-X 440 with a 600 VES swap. Looked it over good and didnt find much mechanical wrong with it. Just cosmetic and a lot of TLC. This thing looks like it was on the bottom of a lake!

All the clicker shocks are fresh, compression is good, idles like shit but WOT is good. VES valves were just gone through. Rides rough as hell but guessing it has tough springs for a pro x. Dude spent a ton of money at Daycor (?spelling) and Im not impressed with their work. Lots of mismatched hardware, front shocks installed wrong etc. Besides a massive oil tank leak, the sled has front end damage. Stripped it down to get ready for cleaning and replace broken rivets.

I dont have pics, but I tore the carbs down. Worst shape I have ever seen carbs in! One of them looked like it had salt water corrosion! Cleaned and back together. Found the jets match a 02 600, I was hoping for 03 so I could add electronic reverse. Oh well.

Edge sleds also have a problem with the drive shaft. The sprocket bolt either loosens or breaks off. Found mine half way out, better than broken!

The fix is to replace the tiny 5/16 x 3/4 bolt with a 3/8 x 1 bolt, will do that soon. Bad news is both bearings are bad and speedo cable busted. Now I need some parts, hoping to get my garage space back early next week.


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For the year that was a quick sled handled like a dream for the price.
But the past few years i don't like where they went with there sleds.

good luck with the build tho man.
Ive never rode an edge before so I cant comment on handling yet. I hate all the new sleds. Im sure the rider forward design is a great ride but damn, they all look like insects. Arctic Cats new one looks like some messed up grasshopper. I just dont understand why someone would spend $10k on a new sled to ride just for a couple months of the year. Must be much deeper pockets than me.


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If it is a true pro X it will have the dual rate springs and for being a trailing arm sled it will handle very nice. good luck on the rebuild and check out for good price's on the parts.

As far as the newer sleds go i have a 2011 ski doo rev xp and a 2008 yamaha FX Nytro and I will have to agree with the looks thing but as far as rider ergonomics and shear fun factor I love them, the ride is much more compliant and you can ride further and harder with less fatigue. I picked my nytro up last year end of season for $4200 which is not bad considering they retail at 12.5k