Presidential Detailed: 2009 Nissan 370Z


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I have to tell you, after working on this car for a couple days and a wonderful test ride(yes I was lucky enough to have the owner let me take it out and get a feel for how the car drives :D) I have really come to respect these new 370Z cars! This one was equipped with the automatic with paddles, these things are the real deal with very quick shift changes as well as rev-matching on each downshift, it was very fun to drive! Aside from that the car needed some love, the dealership of course left some nice swirls in it from when the owner bought it new. He couldnt live with the swirls any longer and was recommended my way, so we performed a full paint correction on the car.

Wash and Decontamination Process:
ONR Two-Bucket Wash
Meguiars "Mild" Clay Bar with ONR as clay solution
TWO Cobra Blue Micro-Chenille Wash Mitts
Adams Metal Polish #2 on Exhaust Tips
Blow Dried/Cobra Guzzler WW Drying Towel

P21S Wheel Gel
One Cobra Blue Micro-Chenille Wash Mitts(dedicated to wheels only)
E-Z Detail Brush
Swissvax Autobahn Wheel Wax

1Z Einszett Cockpit Premium
Meguairs APC+
Craftsman Vacuum
Invisible Glass Glass Cleaner

Front Compartment/Engine Bay:
ONR Wipe Down
Meguiars APC+
Various Brushes
Zaino AIO On All Painted Surfaces
Meguiars HyperDressing On All Hoses and Plastic Surfaces

Paint Correction:
3M Automotive Performance "Green" Tape
M105/ProperAutoCare.Com version PFW via Makita Rotary
M105/Orange via Meguiars G110(Yes, I said M105!)
Zaino AIO On All Door Shuts
50/50 of 91% IPA/Distilled Water
Dragon Fibre Microfiber Towels

TWO coats of Blackfire Wet Diamond Paint Sealant


After performing an ONR wash on the entire vehicle and claying, I began testing which products I will be using. I tried M205/Orange and while it removed SOME swirling, it wasnt cutting enough to remove the RIDS the dealership left behind.

I ended up using M105/PAC PFW for the initial correction work. Some areas requiring a 2-3 passes to fully remove all RIDS at 1500rpm on the rotary.



After M105/PAC PFW via rotary followed by M105/Orange via DA.


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The engine bay was fairly clean, however there was some accumulation of dirt here and there. I opted to wash the engine bay with ONR to remove any dirt and wiped down the plastics with Megs APC+ before applying Megs hyperdressing(matte finish).


The exhaust tips were also quite dirty, coverd in sut from the exhaust. I used Adams Metal Polish #2 with some #0000 Steel Wool to clean them up.

This is the best before picture I took..



The end of day 1, all rotary work complete. Now were getting somewhere! :D


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Day 2. I spent the next morning final polishing the car. I typicaly use M205 for this process and it was giving me problems for some reason, and for some reason a name popped into my head..Kevin Brown. What does Kevin always claim to use and get great finishes with? Thats right! M105! So I decided to give it a shot, on a orange pad no less, using the G110 DA. Well, some may be skeptic, but Ill let you guys decide this further in the write-up. ;)

Some in garage shots before pulling outside into the sun for the true results. Pre-LSP.

Getting there..had to wait like 20 minutes for the full sun to peak out of the I snapped a few real nice reflection shots while I waited.

Still behind the clouds..

Is that..what I think it is? :D

So after inspecting the entire car for several minutes in full sunlight, I was happy with the results. I pulled the car back inside and had lunch before applying the first coat of Blackfire.

Cant beat a Publix Sub with M105 sauce and a nice cold water! You could say I live, eat and breath M105 :lol:

While eating, I noticed this...maybe this is why M205 was acting up. :crack:


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I then removed any tape, polishing residues from crevices, applied Z-AIO to the door shuts and worked on the interior which didnt need too much work besides a good wipedown and a vacuum while the first coat of Blackfire was let to cure.

I let the first coat of Blackfire cure for about 3 hours before applying the second coat, this was all the time I had.

I pulled the car back outside to do a final inspection..


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Can't believe how good that looks. Yes the 370Z is a fun car.

You really outdid yourself there. Wonderful work!


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Great work as usual Billy! :thumbsup:

I've had nothing but love lately for the 370Z, I really think I want one. Haha!


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Can't believe how good that looks. Yes the 370Z is a fun car.

You really outdid yourself there. Wonderful work!
Thanks for taking the time to read through! ;)

Great work as usual Billy! :thumbsup:

I've had nothing but love lately for the 370Z, I really think I want one. Haha!
Thanks Dan! Im still trying to arrange things for TX, dont give up! ;)

PS. My friend just moved to DFW, he is about 5 minutes from the cars n coffee location, hes already told me I can stay whenever I want! ;)

:cool: looks good man!
i need info on price? need my 06 gto worked me please,thanks
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if you know a good person for detailing by madison wisconsin i got a 1950 mercury that needs a lot of love there is a lot of swirl marks