Presidential Detailed: 2005 Acura NSX SUPER RARE!!


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If you guys remember the yellow on yellow 03' NSX, then you should see the owner "other" NSX. :D This is a very rare 2005 Long Beach Blue Pearl/Camel Interior. The car is in PERFECT condition, and I am sure most people would never think to have any amount of paint polishing done besides a simple wax. But at Presidential Detailing, we look past that! ;) The car did have some minor swirling, nothing to complain about but the owner wanted it PERFECT. I thoroughly enjoyed working on this car, the paint is just absolutely beautiful!

Only 11k on this one too!

When I arrived, the car was just a little dirty from a previous drive. The car has never been driven in the rain. I started with the wheels.

After dwelling in P21S and agitating.

There were a few bird droppings here and there, luckily the front of the car has a clearbra on it because they looked kinda dried up and would have definitely etched into the soft Honda paint.

There were also several twigs, leaves, etc wedged into the front mesh grill.

After the wash, it was time to prep by taping off any areas that may cause trouble.


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The were some pretty obvious scratches near the key hole.

Somehow I only managed to get two after shots(it was raining outside so light was limited in the garage)

It was difficult to capture the defects, but they were there.

Applying the first coat of Blackfire Sealant.




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The next day, the weather was a little nicer so I could bring the car outside for some finished shots. :D

Clean Front Air Dam.

Back in the garage.

Surprisingly, the Acura cover was extemely nice!


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While I was there, I also washed his other NSX that corrected about 3-4 months ago. The blackfire was holding strong and there still wasnt a scratch or swirl on the car! I was impressed!





Job well done in your NSX! :thumbsup: It looks like a newly purchased car and just got out from the dealer. Cool!


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Thats awesome for 2 Reasons

1. Great job on those cars

2. you use "his other NSX" in a sentence :D