Post pics/vids of your sled! Add description, mods, etc.


KA not happy, KA mad!!!

At first I wanted straight speed but realized I needed control so I tapped the sides for holes and ran some awesome rope I found on the side of the road for some handling.


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some old videos from back in 2009 when we had a snowmobile party up ma a fellow rkc member that passed away the next year Mike Dixon

The trip was a blast and
the videos just don't explain all the fun times that where had.

this is a video of the group going by... note Adam if you dont know him 10 foot nothing and a bid guy at the very end on a ski doo 340 fan from like 1995 lol


The old dog 96food xcr 600. .020over Wisco pistons, slp triple pipes, clutched, jetted, geared, dual carbide skis, upgrade shocks, and of course a ripped seat LoL.

Next is my 02 prox 440lc. Picked it up two seasons ago with 1200mi on it for $1200!! I haven't done a thing to it until now.

Might be trading the prox in on a 09 dragon 800 144"

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Hoping to put together enough for a ride forward design.

So prob not till January.

I had my heart set on one, did everything I could to get it and it sold before I could.

So hopefully like I said January now.

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Hey I liked that 340, but then again I haven't ridden anything else. I didn't like how tippy it was in the corners


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Adam come out to my place some time. Ill let you ride my sled. It is a hole different ball game the something like the 340.

And if you liked the 340 better I also have a yamaha 250 enticer from 1980 that you can ride... :)


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HERE is my project sled...AKA "money pit"

Way too many mods to list but here is a short break down, OFT extension, OFT relocator, Zbroz A-arms, 8" big wheel kit, hyper slides, Body work is at the wrap company having some things done. Boost will be here shortly as well but waiting on a new turbo, and still waiting for my SKinz Airframe boards to get off back order. I made the front and rear bumpers as well

And the GF's new Rev XP

Only mods are a skid plate, 1 3/8 cobra track, dual carbide upgrade, and amsoil....she gets 29 miles to the gallon and can go 300miles on a tank its just not fair...until i blow her away when she tops out at 80mph :thumbsup: