post pics of your truck


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Here's mine!

She looks like this as of right now.
This is the day I put on 35X12.50R17 General Grabbers with the Red Letters facing in. No lift No Level.

This was last week right after it rained.

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Perfect winter beater...

Getting my ducks in a row for this upcoming track/race season on the bike, and also to nab a '90 NISMO R32 GT-R in '15 once they are 25 yr legal (without doing the whole Show or Display thing), but looking to take a couple more steps towards increasing the performance of the R/T without going too crazy. Already have the SCT tune & aFE intake, so now looking at top end work (heads,cams, tb, etc), addressing the rest of the exhaust with headers & midpipe, and a retune to smooth it all out.

REALLY like the looks of these things with a set of CCW 505a's with Brembo/Viper big brake kits on them, so that could be in the future. Will have to see.

Could use a repaint as well, as there is oxidation on the driver's side of the roof as well as the front fender...
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