post pics of your truck


Random Kid

Bagged the front, sitting on inner fenderwell, nothin fancy, just shock relocaters, cup/plate kit with 2 viair 400c compressors 5 gal tank


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^^sick rig. are the comanches half unibody and half frame? all frame? wondered how that works.

Its a body over frame truck. But for how good the suspension travel and articulation is, you'd never know since the body stays straight :thumbsup: I dont know if you do a lot of bajaing or high speed wheeling but if you get a chance, you have to try this setup sometime.

David Anderson

David Anderson
An MJ is a uniframe, half unibody from the cherokee, and an added frame out back. I have welded on a few of them, all the same. Yours might have been modded over the years.


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Sold the white '03 LB7 a couple weeks ago and replaced it with a white '05 LLY on Saturday. Already put my wheels & mirrors from the LB7 on.