paint color advise


King Retard of Rice
Well you've already painted the front fenders might as well finish the rest of the car the same color.:thumbsup:


시발 놈 게세키
ya it is to make it stand out pluse few people from ricekiller co mentioned it. why you say no?
I don't mind like the stock two tones of it with the lower plastic bits. Or a panda style, but personally I just don't think CRXs lend themselves to be good two tones cars. It reminds me of ghetto rides and mini trucks. It's your car, so you could always prove me wrong. :thumbsup:


NO Rice Here
ya have you ever seen the graphite gray it a real nice color i am going to start out two tone but ill most likely go wit all though just time consumming doing it my self


King Retard of Rice
Sounds great. The Camaro is currently getting a face lift as we speak and that will be shipped out for paint, We should do a photo shoot with our cars when they are complete.:thumbsup: