Oil pressure


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So I have a 2000 mustang gt 4.6 sohc 5spd and it will lose all oil pressure when the engine gets warm. It is for sale. I'm asking $2600 obo and. Am willing to trade for a Chevy car or truck. Really I need a daily driver for my girlfriend. If you know what's wrong with it or are interested in buying/trading please let me know. If you want to buy/trade message me your number and we can make a deal.


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Oh and it does have a new clutch new tires Bbk CAI and Pypes violator cat back and Raxiom tail lights


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Oil pressure goes to nothing or just real low?
Could be a lot of things.
1. Bad sending unit.
2. Bad gauge.
3. Bad pump.
4. Needs to be flushed real bad.
5. Engine wore the fuck out.
6. Gas leak into the oil.

I would check the oil first, see it it is thin or thick or dirty or what. Assuming it is thick and or dirty, I would get a cheap filter, cheap oil and some oil flush. Drain the old oil out, change to a new filter, insert fresh cheap oil and a can of oil flush, follow directions on can, then change to a second fresh good filter and fresh good oil and see if that does it.
If not try a new sensor.
If not borrow a gauge that you know is good from somebody with sensor and hook it up to see what your pressure really is.

If it is bad then you know it is the oil pump or a wore out motor. Most likely the pump, even a really worn motor will still have some pressure.