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I want to get in on this too. This is my 2000 R1. All i have is a hotbodies undertail, flushed turn signals, and chopped exhaust without baffles. I have a carbon yoshi slip-on on the way. I installed everything myself.

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Got my new bike today. Pics up tomorrow.

It's a Maroon 1983 Honda Goldwing Interstate. The radio is missing an antenna, and a light or two is out, but it purrs like a kitten and is amazingly comfortable.


Goldwing hell yes!!! That is a CB radio right?

Would you guys laugh hard about adding me.. a sports bike newb who bought a little 2009 ninja 250 for my first sports bike??? hahahaha
250cc is fun! Good to start with. Once you're confident then get a bigger bike. Hell I want an Aprilia RS125 now..

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You know what? I should've just started my own thread, since I replaced the wing with what I picked up today.

It's a 2011 HD Wide Glide. No ABS, no security, just a plain model in a not very popular color, that they were all too happy to sell to me.

How I bought it

What it looks like now.

I added a windshield (not pictured), Pillow top seat, quick detach sissy bar, solo bag (which means I don't have passenger pegs) and an LED headlight.

It doesn't look it during the day, and I haven't had it out myself at night, but that light is intense. If you stare down the projector with it on for a sec, you'll have a dead spot in your vision for a while.

Not big enough for my rain gear, but it's a handy place for everything else.