NOS automatic bottle heater kit and SLP 99-04 Mustang line lock kit NEW!!!


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I bought this a few months ago and never got around to installing it. Since I don't really drag race anymore, I'm putting this stuff up for sale. It's automatically controlled via a pressure sensor. This is the $250 kit that includes the heater element, wiring harnesses, switch, relay, pressure sensor and adapter, instructions, etc. Still in the original box.

The description and price from Summit:

Looking to get $210 shipped ($200 for the kit, $10 to ship it from Portland, OR). If, by some random happenstance you're in the Portland area I'll meet up with you and you won't have to pay shipping. eBay listing for heater:

I also have an SLP M25000 brake line lock kit, same condition as the heater - new never installed, on eBay right now for $125 + $10 shipping. Paid $160 + s/h from Summit. eBay listing for line lock:

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SCT tuner and SLP brake line lock are both gone.

NOS bottle heater kit is still up for grabs! $180+ shipping!