newbie from WI


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Hi my name is coty i am a fellow car enthusiast from a small town outside of Green Bay. Now that it is around the time of year all of the car meets start up i was hoping that this year was going to be different. I was dead wrong the first meet of the year started and i got there to enjoy looking at all of the nice cars and trucks that were attending when it all started again. The ricers started to drift out of the parking lot one was 2 stepping his integra and blowing flames out of the hood. So when that all started to go on i looked at my girlfriend and friends of mine and said it is time to go the cops will be on their way shortly and sure enough they showed up 3 minutes later to shut the meet down. I honestly would like to have a meet where the 2 stepping revving burnouts stopped and its not just random individuals doing it either it is a crew that goes by the name gb streets. These guys call themselves car enthusiasts but at a meet they bash on other people's vehicles and the try and challenge others to race them. It has gotten to the point where its not worth me or anyone else to go to therse meets because we all know that they are going to be shut down right after they start and then go and try and find another spot and sit there until the police kick the meet out from there also its alot of fuel that people waste on these me and its getting tireding to deal with it. So i joined ricekiller to try and see if i could get some help and advice to be able to start a meet that is every week that is not going to get shutdown by the police and be legal. I mean it is getting bad with how all of the running from the cops and all of this just so this crew could race other people. Thank you for adding me