~New Wheels On The Cobra~


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Machine polished or did you do it by hand? I wouldn't mind doing that to my tips, which are freaking dirty.
Well I started with a drill then did the rest by hand.

Here, this may help.

I figured I would make a post to help anyone who wants to try this on their own or just see how it's done.
Items needed for this job:
1) Wet Sand Paper of varoius grits. 100, 220, 320, 400, 600, 1000, 1500, 2000
2) 150 Grit Flapper Wheel (Optional)
3) Drill
4) Spray Bottle of Water (Add 1 drop of dish washing liquid to full bottle. ie. Dawn)
5) Cotton Buffing Wheel (Mothers Power Ball will not work nearly as well)
6) Mothers Mag Aluminum Polish
7) Towels to wipe off the polish with
8) And last but not least, a strong arm and shoulder muscles (You'll need it! LOL.....)

The exhaust I am doing is a Borla system, but as long as it is stainless steel it should come out the same. (Aluminized pipes, such as MAC and Flowmaster or some Bassani's, will NOT come out like this but you can clean it up a little by sanding it.)

Here are the pipes as they come from Borla. (These are a from new Stinger System)

Here you can see the dull "Brushed" finish that most cat backs come with. You can see the marks from the mandrel bender as well.

To help get out some of the marks from the mandrel tubing bender I chose to use a "150 Grit Flapper Wheel" attachment for my drill. This is optional but it may save some of your arm strength for the sanding to come.
This kit came with 2 wheels. I used the 150 grit wheel.

Attached to drill.

After sanding with the wheel you will come up with something like this.

I started out with 100 grit sand paper by hand. I used some heavy duty rubber gloves I bought at Home Depot to help save my fingers. (Use gloves if you want to keep your finger tips!)
This is what it will come out like after the 100.

The paper broke down with the 100 so I went right to the 320 grit then 400. Here's what the pipe will look like after 400. (Ignore the bend that used for testing which was already about done.)

Next to the stock pipe with the 400.

Next up was the 600 grit. You can see it starting to shine just a little bit.

Next to the stock pipe with the 600.

From there I moved on to 1000 grit. Here's what you should end up with.

Next to the stock pipe with the 1000.

Next up was the 1500 grit.

Next to the stock pipe with the 1500 grit.

And finally the 2000 grit. It almost looks polished at this point.

Next to the stock pipe with the 2000 grit.

For the final step I used a cotton buffing wheel on my drill along with some Mothers Mag Aluminum Polish. This is where the "Magic" really happens!

Here are the results of all your hard work! :thumbsup:

Polished pipe VS Stock.

And here's what they will look like on the car! You can see the reflection of the ground and now you can blind people from behind you at night. LOL...

Hope this helps.


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04Sleeper, if you ever come to Florida...dont leave your car alone b/c I'm likely going to find it and make it my own.

fuck i love your car.


Wow that makes a huge difference. I've spent a lot of time on tailpipes before but nothing like that, of course I don't have IRS either.. :p


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Thanks all. I guess I have a little OCD.

Here is when I cleaned up the wheel wells and undercarriage.

Deicided to clean my rear wheel wells and spray some fresh undercoating in them as well.

I also did some other cleaning while I was at it.

I thought I would share with some pics.
The car resting in the garage hooked up to it's battery tender.

Took the wheel off and this is what it looks like before cleaning.

The cleaner of choice was Simple Green diluted 4:1.

Here is the wheel well cleaned up ready for undercoating. I covered up everything with an old sheet and some painters tape.

I used Permatex Rubberized Undercoating.

I did 2 coats each. Here is after the first coat.

While the first coat was drying I decided to get some polish out for my wheels. Adams Polishes is the weapon of choice here.

Here is the inside of the wheel before polishing.

Here it is after. :D

I also did the front of the wheels as well.

While I was at it, I decided to wipe the cat back down as well.

And here is the wheel well after it was all finished.

And the wheel back on the car for the finishing touch.

The passenger side wheel all cleaned up.

In between coats I had a fan to help dry things a little and help with the fumes.

And heres a few pictures of the passenger side well completed.

And finally the passenger side wheel.

I also added a few pounds of air pressure to the tires while they were off as both were a little low due to the cooler air.
All in all I think everything went well.


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OK. Since the rear was done, it was time to move onto the front.

Pulled the front wheels off and this is what it looked like.
Drivers Side: :(

Passenger Side: :(

Here was the back of the drivers side wheel before cleaning: :(

And after polishing with Adams 1 & 2.: :)

I polished up the front side of the wheel with Adams Polish as well. :)

Here is after cleaning the drivers side wheel well with Simple Green and spraying/wiping it down with Meguires Tire Foam. :)

And finally with the wheel back on. :D

Here is the passenger side wheel well cleaned up with Simple Green and spraying/wiping it down with Meguires Tire Foam. :)

While I was in the cleaning mood, I decided to clean up the bottom sides of the rocker panels.
Here was the passenger side before cleaning: :xpl: (Which is my proof for driving the car. LOL..)

Then here it is after cleaning sith Simple Green and Meguires Clay Bar: :)

And the drivers side after being cleaned up as well: :)

After all that was done I finally bolted the passenger side wheel on. :)

Again I was very pleased with the results. :thumbsup:

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Wow. I'm sure the car is garaged and even then covered. But you have probably hands down the best maintained car I've ever seen. For someone to even go as far as to make their exhaust look like tubular mirrors blows my mind. I'm sure it's a labor of love that's consuming, but you should either start you a detail shop or hire on at tropicare.