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So we hit a little bit of a set back. We went through the carbs and cleaned them up and new the bike idles anywhere between 4-5k, the left side crank cover needs to be replaced And the new headlight we installed didnt work so Im guessing its a bad ground somewhere. Other than those 3 things we only have to get a seat made for it, get new air filters for it, and fill the front forks. Paint will have to wait until winter when we have time to strip everything down and clean it up. Final exhaust might get made up within the next couple weeks but the jeep needs some attention.
Are the Carbs synced?

It is waaaaaaay too loud to daily. Completely straight pipes with turn downs right now. After its all said and done it will come out the right side of the bike under my right foot into a NASCAR style 3 into 1 tip
You should be wearing ear plugs anyway.


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Checked the carbs tonight and we think its either a vacuum issue or the throttle cable is too tight. And the exhaust is especially loud due to the turn down echo off the ground under the bike, in a garage no less. Once it is all setup up properly I dont think it'll be that loud. And if it is we can always fab up a few small baffles, but I do plan on keeping it loud.


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Just a few pics from tonight.

But now we have a real problem, the gear that connect to the starter jammed up due to the slot for the gear breaking. Looks like it wont make it to the ZG cruise on sunday :thumbsdown: