NEW - RKC 3.0 T-Shirt $15



Check out the threads.

Sizes S-2X

These shirts will be on sale for the first time ever in person at the RKC Block Party 2 in Irving.

Cost is $15
2X and 3X please add $1 per shirt. If you want it shipped its $5.

These will be for sale online on Monday nationwide in the RKC site store. Thanks for looking and supporting RKC. :thumbsup:


Random Kid
too bad i cant wear one in my area without being labeled a import hating domestic owning douche..


You better throw up the other t as well.
Send me pics.

The only reason I didnt, is because the store can only be configured to one pay-pal account. I didnt want to mix up money for your shirts into my wife's pay-pal. However, paypal to paypal transactions are free of fee's I believe, so whenever we get an order for your stock, we can just forward over the funds and the shipping information. Like me, you will also sell your shirts in person at RKC MN events.

We need to do a trade of shirts so both of us have both of them.

Or, I could send you the .AI files for mine and you can get them printed locally with whomever you use. :)

Let me know what all sizes you have so I can add it to the store. Shoot me over some pics and I will handle it now. :)


RKC Official Videographer
Are other colors going to be available? I already have a black RK shirt and PC shirt


Wife just left for the post office to send out all orders taken via the online store. Thank you for your support.