New picture and a new best time


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Yup, been a long time since its only pulled one wheel, i was pulling them 4-4 1/2 feet last night.

5.91 @ 117


Yes it's a D
Looks slow. I could pull the front wheel of my bicycle far longer than that!

j/k man I had to. Nice time and trap. :thumbsup:


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Yeah its cool and all

I cant get it to 60ft worth a darn.
Best 60ft over the weekend was a 1.342.
Its put down a 1.28 before


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next time you head to lyons pm me. i dont live too far from there now.
Im going to stay in Illinois this weekend.
Lyons isnt having much, just a regular weekend.
Bunker Hill has a $1200 or $1300 Pro race, Well so does Midstate here in Illinois, i like Midstate more, so im going to run over at Midstate this weekend.
I'll give you a hollar though next trip over to Indiana, probably be next weekend. Lyons is my #1 picked track I run at, so i am there often. LOL

Congrats, man! Looks awesome!

Thanks man!!


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Only picture i took lastnight.
The car after losing 4th round.
I had a terrible day yesterday.

Laid down another 5.91 though!
Also got a new best 60ft with this motor. 1.31