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so i got the new shoes on. i need spacers to get my front center caps on, otherwise it 's all good. bumping up the tire size from 215/45 to 225/45 when i get new tires for it. it still needs to be dropped...



Ahh! 110 fumes :)
Those tires on the new rims look rather grippy for such a car. Should try auto-xing it sometime :thumbsup:

And a late welcome from me.


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Welcome Steph!!! Its nice when we get girls on here! Make yourself comfortable and post up!!! Ignore the leghumpers that will ask for "tits or gtfo" or crap like that, they think with the wrong head. Hope to hear more from you!! And nice car!!


i didnt realize ppl had responded. lol sry!!

anyhoo yeah the tires are falken azenis rt-615's. i am getting kumho ecsta asx's in the spring instead of coilovers. the falkens are near the end of their life...oh noes! and i'm still looking for some spacers for the luck tho. new rotors and pads might be soon too, a buddy of mine is trading his 2.0 in and has nearly new rotors on it. cross-drilled and slotted...yum!

i just got in a set of eibach sportline springs. i'll get the coilovers after i pay the car off. i'll have pics after the install. thanks for all the nice comments :)
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