Need a New T-mobile phone or Iphone?


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Needing a new T-mobile phone for my girl post up what you have please!

I was wanting to get her an Iphone, or blackberry pearl.

Let me know what you have- we are in the DFW area in TEXAS!



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Have you thought of going to a T-mobile store and purchasing a refurbish phone? I know Sprint does that for their Sprint customers. Perhaps the T-mobile store will help.


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I just got a Pearl... it was only 99 Dollars at the store with a contract... An amazing deal i think... I got the white one and i love it...


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My sister just picked up the Shadow and now I want one it's pretty sweet it's between a smartphone and something like a sidekick and has some nice features like web access, email access(works with accts other than outlook ie. hotmail, gmail etc.), IMing, SD support so you can store music files as well as all of the normal phone stuff. If I didn't lose cell phones every other week I would buy this one right away. check it out at a tmobile store here's a review from cnet