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About a week before my 16th birthday I saw a truck that looked pretty nice for sale at a used car lot...and saw a tag handing from the rear view mirror that said $3,750. Truck looked really nice for that price, so I went to take a look. The next day, I talked to my dad about it and talked him into going to look at it.

So we get there and get all the info on it. 1995 Dodge Ram 1500 Sport with a 5.2L V8. The original owner worked at the lot so we talked to him for a little while. Had 118k miles on it and is in really good condition for having that many miles on it...3 small dents, couple paint nicks here and there, and one spot on the front left side of the body where something must have happened and they used some really shitty touch up paint on it....but oh well.

Talked the guy down to $3600 after tax, title, etc...all that stuff. Drove it home that day...then had to give the keys to my parents because I wasn't 16 yet lol.

On my birthday, June 19th, I had to go down to the bank and take out 1600 bucks (had 1800 in there) and give it to my I just owe them at least 100 bucks a month until it's paid off. has a tonneu cover, bed liner, diamond plate running boards (i don't like them...gonna take them off sometime), and a slight tint on the back and side glass...not sure what percentage. Also has a different back bumper. All I have done to it so far is a Pioneer headunit and that was last Saturday. Sometime this week I am going to buy speakers because 2 of them are blown.

So yea, just felt like sharing since I was new to this site and all. I also wanted to ask what I should do first for performance. I am not looking to spend that much money...I was just thinking maybe a new intake or something...nothing big.

Oh...and of course I have pictures. I took these the day I got it.

Oh, also, where can I get a sticker?


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The big show this Sat or come to the Meet on Monday nice truck for a 1st vehicle, also try to pay it off first that way they can't take it from you if you are acting up :D