My new fox body project *pics inside*


Clean build bruh. I use to HATE fox bodies. . . .They've grown on me. Whats your best et?
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9.5 on this run was the first day driving the car and i ran into fuel/timing problems so the car had no balls at all.

its getting a new fpr, fuel filter, 76mm C&L MAF, 24 lb injectors and bbk CAI installed tomorrow. oh and a 3 point strut tower brace. I went parts shopping today haha.

all i need left for it to finish what i want to be done for now is a 75mm throttle body, 255 walboro and msd coil and maybe cap and rotor


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And get your nitrous installed, drag radials, brakes adjusted right, radio, headers welded, line lock, msd ignition box wired up, speedo calibrated, tremec installed, ect. Just to name a couple things.


Oh and fix that damn passenger door(whatever was causing the high pitched squeak), I have a headache from that shit.

Other than that car was worth all the down time.


i have a 88 Ttop i paid 1300 for it. everything works too even the dope scope lol haha. im very pleased with it just a project car. cant wait to drive it. nice car makes me want to get mine done faster.


JaM oUt WiT YoUr ClAm OuT
trying to come up with a complete mod list so far.

engine/under hood
-flowtech longtubes (suck but they work)
-2.5 exhaust dumped with flow 50's and cutouts halfway
-explorer intake
-ported e7's with aftermarket valves and .550 lift springs
-1.7 roller rockers and b303 cam, double roller timing chain
-underdrives with smog and AC delete and 3g alternator swap
-bbk cold air intake with C&L 76mm MAF
-bbk 70mm throttle body and 70mm egr delete plate
-24lb injectors and tube, with a bbk adjustable FPR
-255lph Walboro pump
-94/95 mini starter
-msd coil, cap and rotor, and msd 6AL box with 6k limiter
-accell wires
-catch can
-AFCO aluminum racing radiator with 14 inch electric fan
-solid motor mounts
-battery in the trunk
-shaved and wire tucked bay/ everything stripped and repainted or replaced

-currently t5 with steeda tri-ax
-have a tremec 3550 with a scatter shield going in within two weeks
-also have driveshaft loop and aluminum drive shaft
-poly transmission mount

-1996 spindles/brakes up front
-complete 1996 gt disc rear in back with 3:27...3:73 waiting to be installed
-tokico blue struts/shocks
-eibach lowering springs
-Uppers and lowers
-1995 brake booster and master cylinder with Wilwood Prop valve
-welded in subframe connectors
-2006 gt rims

probably more but this is all i could think of

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Collin car has so much work into it. To bad imma drag that ass when my injectors and control arms go in.