My new fox body project *pics inside*


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well its finally somewhat ready to post pics of looked like ass when i got it because it was soooooo dirty and the wheels were gay..

so far ive done

-stripped entire interior, pressure washed it and installed new carpet.
-ordered new door sills and a center console delete.
-traded old gay wheels for the cobras plus cash
-bought new taillight lenses on ebay
-put in a new battery (new tray and hold down arent done in the pic.)

still needs all this before i drive it though
-two new rear tires (275 40 17s goin on!)
-new weatherstripping
-fix power windows and locks
-new headlights
-front bumper re painted
-fog light brackets
-tags, inspection, insurance etc.

well heres some basic pics of what ive got so far.



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I was never a fan of the red interior in the fox but otherwise looks like a pretty good base for a project.


JaM oUt WiT YoUr ClAm OuT
i actually like the adding more black to tone it down some, but its not faded or anything and its VERY clean.


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Looks good man, and personally, Im one of the few that likes the red interior. I am a little biased though seeing how I have the same setup though lol.


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haha thanks guys, and ya i paid 2000 cash for it with a clear title.

car is BONE STOCK i mean nothing besides a aftermarket stereo has been done to this car EVER. well someone cut the mufflers off but other than that


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oh and for all you fox owners out there..

the ash tray door still works and so do the hatch struts!!


Looks good man, I think with black carpet and a few other accents you can pull it off.

I am personally not a fan of red interiors, but the fox looks great for its age. Good find