My 1994 Suzuki DR350SE


Sahara Sean all up in you
I really want to buy a 250 smoker and set this thing up more for the street.


Sahara Sean all up in you
Yeah, but now there are going to be trails I can ride in my back yard. The good stuff is over an hour away from me and I don't have much time to go there.


Sahara Sean all up in you
Only update I have is that I have a new Moose Racing seat cover waiting to go on.


Sahara Sean all up in you
Today I went on a 229 mile ride with my buddy Nate. Concrete, asphalt, tarmac, chipseal, dirt, gravel, shale, mud, wood, snow. You name it we rode it today. Left my place at 9:20 AM, got home at 8:00 PM. My ass is in pain.

After eating a damn fine burger at some hole in the wall built off a house in Marble Mount we managed to find a logging road that was create within the past 2 years. New road for a slash cut project meant heavy equipment. Heavy equipment meant tracks. Tracks meant the road was created from rocks that ranged in size from 3 inches to 8 inches in diameter. With a 15% grade that is fun. We hung out here for 15 minutes listening to a black bear cub in the distance. The we heard a much deeper bear response from the opposite side. We left with haste. Made a 6 mile wrong turn, too.

View from the beer garden at Birdsview Brewery. Their kitchen consists of a grandma and hot plate. Another spot with killer burgers.

Nate beat me 21-14.

First patch of snow. 3000 feet. Heading up the road after crossing Baker Lake Dam.We have never made it this far before.

Back side of Mt. Baker.


End of the road for Nate.

I didn't get much farther.

Trail head we made it to.


This slow POS doesn't have a name yet.

Baker Lake Dam. Can't get a good picture here because you aren't allowed to stop on the dam.



Sahara Sean all up in you
We are definitely going back to make it to the end of the road. Supposedly there is a first-come-first-serve cabin there.

Dr. Satan

Sacred Cow Tipper
Outstanding looking ride. How did the bike (and you) handle the various surfaces? Did you stay warm the whole day? How can you stand to have a backpack on all day?

What kind of cheese did you have on your burger? Was the beer at a proper temperature?

Any wipeouts or tipovers?


Sahara Sean all up in you
Bazuki handled everything without a single hiccup. My riding ability has really improved since I started farting around in my backyard.I was able to leave my friend in the dust since I learned how to exit a corner under heavy acceleration on dirt. Heavy throttle, don't fight the bikes movement and just let the rear tire step out as you take off from the corner.

I had a mid-weight Columbia jacket on and Carhartt jeans. I started to get warm when on the dirt from just working the bike.

I have pretty broad shoulders so backpacks don't really bother me. I'm also not carrying much weight: tool kit, small shovel, water, snack, first aid and emergency overnight gear. Weighs maybe 20 lbs.

I got bleu cheese on the burger. Beer had ice forming on the bottle.

I almost laid it down trying to blast through some snow packs, but my friend is the one who actually tipped his coming down through the snow.

I actually did another 120 miles last Sunday to Artist Point with my friend on his new-to-him bike. Broke 15k on the odo.