Official Weekly Meet


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ill definitely be there tonight, im gunna try and bring some more cars since its spring break for the high schools:thumbsup:

Black Thunder

reppin RKC in NJ ;)
wow....waited till 9:45 then left, think i saw Ciggy and 2 other cars but no one got out of their cars so i decided to just leave.


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I guess a small turnout?? I wish I coulda been there tonight but had to say goodbye to an old friend from the old neighborhood I;ll be there next week


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@black thunder - waited in the cars until some people rolled in about 10 - 15 minutes after you left.

It was a small turn out. Think this meet will be changing the day of the week mainly because of the large scale meets that are on the same day.

More information soon!! As for this Thursday same spot, same time.