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so i went to MooYah Burgers the other day and OMFG they are good FTW! my new thinking is fast food burgers are one thing, but a MooYah Burger is a whole nother level!

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Yesterday, I ran an uncooked new york strip steak though my meat grinder with a chunk of pepper jack cheese. Cooked to medium rare on a potato bun and it was amazing.


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Try Five guys or Dicks in Seattle.
we just got a five guys here in Plano, TX on Preston just before 121. the MooYah burger is on Preston about 1 mile past Warren Parkway. i work in that area so that's how i found them. have to try five guys next

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Five Guys is gold, I had them around 4 times a week when I went home on leave.

I found out about Dick's from Chris Pirillo late one night/ early one morning.


I drove around 500 miles one way to try it out, It's pretty good actually.
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