Massive Updates Needed



Hello all,

The website forum software is terribly out of date, and needs to be fixed. Several inactive users have been getting spam PM attacks from BOTs and much more drama. It may be too much to fix...

Anyways, I have not forgotten, just a lot going on.

Will update soon. -Jared


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spam Pm about cop car auctions went "avsp, Dark5ide, frakkin toaster, MattCusick, mort1369om" who I reckon were probably all on some 'last active user' or 'currently logged on' list

but you've banned him already

save time, energy & money just switch off PM

There are regularly noobs turning up all year-round off the back of some ricer-bash vid or woteva doing the rounds elsewhere.
Where, if anywhere, do you want the 5 of us still using the site to send them?

Presumably the spam is whats caused a small rash of old users to turn up, ..., maybe its all a stunt to revive the forums, perhaps, possibly, maybe, ..., not ;)
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frakkin toaster

...pop the hood!
no spam here either...

times must be tough if spammers are coming in here to try to fool the 7-8 of us that are left.

edit: just got this pm :lmao:

Do you want to take part in hot sales at government and police auction for Cars, Trucks, SUVs and other many items? Go to the site
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other website meme alert

well, ya know, 'the cool kidz' n' tha' etc

I want MASSIVE DRUGS in an Accord with my update


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Don't know about that young fella but we do have a 1978 Toyota Tercel full of empty advil bottles will give ya a hellva deal on....