Made my first Fiberglass box


[ЯK*] with ßσσšτ!
It took me about 2 days and came out great... I make it to take up this small gap in the back of my new SUV (05 Nissan Pathfinder). The thing came with Bose already with indash navi so I didn't feel like taking all that apart seeing as it sounds pretty good.

It hold a single Type-R 8" powered by a MRP-M500 under the middle rear seat.

It added more than enough bass and took up none of my cargo space.



[ЯK*] with ßσσšτ!
Home Depot and O' Reillys mostly... I just watched some vids on YouTube and read a few things on the interwebs and jumped into it...

I can tell you it looks a lot easier in the YouTube than it really is...


Pontiac Pilot
Glass work is no problem for me I worked for Glastron while in HS, it is the working out the design and measuring and fabbricating is tedious.